Can Online Arguments Actually Get People to Change Their Minds?


Who hasn't witnessed a toxic conversation online? Thanks to something called the 'disinhibition effect' people feel free to say things on the internet that they wouldn't say IRL. But under the right conditions, people do actually change their minds about hot-button issues. The “Change My View” subreddit is an online community where people who are open to changing their mind discuss various topics, and, yes, sometimes change their minds. Is this Internet utopia possible everywhere? Or is arguing online a lost cause? Join Myles as he investigates and then share your view: Can online arguments actually get people to change their minds? 

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Make a meme that shows how you approach arguing online. Are you someone who jumps in? Or do you watch from the sidelines? Or maybe you’re selective about which arguments you join? Your meme can also be about what happens when you argue online with a friend or family member (as Myles did in this episode).