Why Are Conspiracy Theories So Appealing, and How Can We Avoid Falling for Them?


When you think of conspiracy theories, do you picture shadowy cabals and secret plots that seem so crazy they could be true? The thing is, with conspiracy theories there’s no actual proof, and believers often point to misinformation, or use the lack of proof itself as evidence. How can that possibly work? Well, it does. People love conspiracy theories because they provide our brains with easy answers. And this love translates into clicks on social media, which mean big bucks for conspiracy theorists AND social media companies. So, watch and learn, then share: Why are conspiracy theories so appealing, and what can we do to avoid falling for them? 

Make & Share

Create an infographic or digital poster sharing your advice and strategies for how to avoid falling for conspiracy theories. Use the evidence from the episode, including some of Myles’ questions at the end (or questions of your own), to help your family, friends and community avoid falling for the misinformation and disinformation found in conspiracy theories.