When, If Ever, Is It OK to Call Someone Out Online?


As we know it today, canceling is about holding powerful people accountable for what they say and do. But students usually aren’t big-name celebrities, so when they cancel each other it's often about taking personal conflicts onto a public platform. That can have lasting impacts on both the accuser and the accused. We spoke with students who’ve seen cancel culture at their schools and were curious to know if there is a way to get people to take responsibility for hurting someone without putting them on blast on social media. We also want to hear from you: When, if ever, is it OK to call someone out online? What other tactics might work better than canceling? 

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Record a selfie video or audio response talking about cancel culture at your school. Is it an issue? Do you think any other tactics besides canceling would help to address toxic behavior that occurs? If so, what tactics would help? If not, explain why.