How does e-waste impact the environment?


America tosses out tons of old electronics every year from cell phones, laptops, TVs and even coffeemakers. Basically anything that can be plugged in or has a battery can be considered electronic waste, or e-waste, once it is broken or no longer in use. E-waste is tricky to recycle because there are so many different types that all contain a different mix of materials. What many folks don't know is that a lot of that e-waste contains toxic chemicals, things like lead and mercury, which if they aren't handled properly can contaminate the environment and cause serious health issues. Join Myles in investigating where our e-waste goes once we get rid of it to answer the question: How does e-waste impact the enviroment?

Make & Share

Students will create an infographic sharing the importance of recycling electronic waste correctly. Be sure to use the statistics and data found in the episode to visually represent the impact that e-waste has on the environment.