How Does Social Media Affect the Way Teens Fit In or Express Their Individuality?


You'd think with millions of people posting ideas, photos and funny dances that social media would be a great place for individuality. So why are the same viral videos and trends everywhere? Turns out, humans are social creatures who want to fit in and be accepted, especially teens who look more to their friends than family during adolescence. That's normal. What's new is social media's supercharged conformity that takes "group think" to a whole new level. Watch as Myles breaks down what's going on with the help of some teen collaborators, then share your thoughts about how social media affects the way teens fit in or express themselves. 

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Create a short selfie-style video or voice memo answering the question Myles asked his student collaborators in this episode: How has social media affected what you’re interested in and how you think about yourself?