Let's Talk About Election 2020 Curricular Resource Toolbox

This toolbox facilitates:
     How to set up the challenge in your classroom
     How to set students up for success
     How to get support as an educator
     How to assess student work

Program Set Up

Teacher Instructions and FAQs
Standards Alignment
Materials Release Permission Form
COPPA Release Form 

Student Facing Materials

Video Styles With Myles
Audio Styles With Myles
Student Challenge Submission Example (Kayla Xu, Irvington High School)
Letters to the Next President Showcase (2016)

Student Handout Packet
  Student Prompt and Project Guidelines (handout)
  Examples (Audio and Video)
  Analyze a Commentary (worksheet)
  Example Script (handout)
  Commentary Graphic Organizer (worksheet)
  Journalistic Evidence Explainer (handout)
  Peer-to-Peer Feedback Worksheet (worksheet)
  Mark Your Script for Narration (handout)
  Audio and Video Conventions (handout)

Classroom Infographics
  Commentary How To
  6 Elements of Voicing a Script

Find your Issue! (What to write about?)
  Current Events and Debatable Resources Library (PBS Learning Media) 
  Issue Analysis Link Collection

Teacher-Created Sample Materials
   Sample Student Assignment Sequence
   Sample Student One-Sheeter

Professional Development & Teacher Support

Developing Youth Voice With Audio & Video Commentaries
Audio Essentials: Basics of Recording
Video Essentials: Basics of Shooting
Audio Essentials: Getting Started With Editing
Video Essentials: Basics of Editing

Assessment Tools

CCSS Rubric
Civically-Engaged Writing Analysis Continuum (National Writing Project)