These curricular resources are designed to be customizable and fit into any classroom structre -- whether remote or in-class.  

Lesson Sequence

Step 1:  Have students read the Student Prompt and Project Guidelines and have parents/guardians sign the Materials Release Permission form (students must get parent signature to share work).  Students can also follow this self-paced sequence self-paced sequence

Step 2: Have students view the Election 2020 showcase and complete the Analyze a Commentary   worksheet

Step 3:  Students pick an issue they care about.  Students can use these resources if they are unsure what to write about.  

     Current Events and Debatable Resources Library (PBS Learning Media) 
     Top 5 Election 2020 Issues Teens Want to Talk About (According to Teens)
     Issue Analysis Link Collection


Step 4:  Writing -- Students can view this Example Script and use this Commentary Graphic Organizer to structure their writing (this is just a suggestion). Hand out this Journalistic Evidence Explainer to help students cite evidence like a journalist. Here is another graphic resource to help students understand the components of a commentary  Commentary How To

Step 5:  Feedback and Revision  Peer-to-Peer Feedback Worksheet

Step 6: Get ready to record.  Hand out these explainer worksheets to help students sound like a pro Mark Your Script for Narration,  6 Elements of Voicing a Script

Step 7:  Recording -- Use these resources to help your students get their highest-level recordings Audio and Video Conventions,  Video Styles With Myles
     Audio Styles With Myles


Step 8:  Have students submit a YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo or other streaming link into the submission portal on their dashboard.  Make sure they add a unique title.  Once they submit, you must approve the submission in your teacher dashboard under the Manage Submissions link.  Only teacher-approved submissions can be published. 

Other resources.


Teacher-Created Sample Materials
     Sample Student Assignment Sequence (Samantha McMillan)
     Sample Student One-Sheeter (Mia Gittlen)

    Letters to the Next President Showcase (2016)
          Selected Letters to the Next President (PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs)



More Resources
     Program Information
     Professional Development & Support
     Sample Student Journey