If You Had the Money, Would You Invest in the Stock Market? Why or Why Not?


Remember GameStop? That was an example of the stock market NOT working the way it usually does. But how is it supposed to function? And why do people invest (even when random game companies from the 1990s aren't in the news)? Join Myles as he explores how the stock market works and why people pay money to own a teeny piece of a huge company. Then you make the call: If you had the money, would you invest in the stock market? And why?

Make & Share

Pretend you have purchased $1,000 worth of stock in the company of your choice. Follow the price of that stock for a week. Track how much money you "gain" or "lose." Then create an infographic that shows how the stock did AND what effect your investment would have on your life. Ex: If you made money, what would you do with it? If you lost money, how would it affect you or your family?