About KQED Learn

Imagine the change when students take an active role as researchers, collaborators, data analysts, communicators, and creators... when teachers guide and coach students as their work progresses.

It’s a far different experience from the typical assignment that asks students to answer someone else’s questions and then report and restate someone else’s findings.

KQED Learn is for educators who value student inquiry and students who want to participate in real-world research, making original content and collaborating with peers in and beyond their classrooms, It’s a platform that empowers students to make their voices heard, share their perspectives and learn from others’ points of view.

"I got the best projects I’ve ever gotten!"

That’s a direct quote from a high school science teacher who participated in our pilot of KQED Learn. If you’ve searched for a way to introduce inquiry-based learning in your classroom, if you’ve wanted a way to showcase and celebrate students’ voices, or if you’ve looked for meaningful ways to encourage collaboration, diverse perspectives, and media-making for critical academic purposes, KQED Learn is your platform. Register and start inquiring today.

Getting Started is Easy

To sign up, go to our Registration Page. All you’ll need to provide is:

Once your registration is complete, you can complete the information needed to create your class, including your school’s name, an optional biography, and an optional avatar photo.