Discussions Teacher Resources

Step 1 
Students watch videos from PBS like Above the Noise, NewsHour and more. Each video comes with a glossary, source list, transcript, lesson plan and classroom viewing guide to help students check their understanding and organize their ideas.

Step 2 
Students join the discussion and practice their critical thinking and argument writing skills. Each discussion comes with sentence starters and a standards-aligned rubric. Online discussions help students learn ISTE-aligned digital citizenship skills. Students are encouraged to comment and respond to their peers from around the country. Only students can post in discussions!

     Discussion Resources 

Step 3 
Students can elevate discussions with a Make & Share. Make & Shares bring 21st century creative technologies into the discussion! Students can upload YouTube links, Soundcloud links, image files and embed html code. KQED Learn doesn’t support files like Mp3 or Mp4. 
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Add to Discussion Citations
KQED provides a comprehensive citation list for all discussions. We encourage students to add their own research.