Let's Talk About Election 2020 Curricular Resource Toolbox

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How it Works


Each discussion is a three-part process.  

Step 1-- Watch KQED's award-winning video series Above the Noise featured in each Discussion to learn more about both sides of debatable, trending topics.  Each video comes with a glossary, source list, transcript, lesson plan and classroom viewing guide to help students check their understanding and organize their ideas.

Step 2-- Join the discussion.  Students develop critical thinking and argument writing skills.  Each discussion comes with sentence starters and a standards-aligned rubric.  Online discussions help students learn ITSE-aligned digital citizenship skills. Students are encouraged to comment and respond to others. Only students can post!

     Discussion Resources 

Step 3-- Elevate discussions with a Make & Share.

Make & Shares bring 21st creative technologies into the discussion!  Students can upload YouTube links, Soundcloud links, image files and embed html code.  Only students can post Make & Shares. 

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Our platform can't support video or audio files, like Mp3 or Mp4.  Please have students upload to YouTube or Soundcloud for video/audio projects and then post link.

Add to Resources

KQED provides a comprehensive source list for all Above the Noise discussions.  We encourage students to add their own research.

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